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Madame Minzche Edit She is given the rights to the Bordello if the Hero chooses the good choice, handing over the Bordello Rights to the Women.
Also, wearing a dress and the wig that can be found upstairs, the player may earn 1k by sleeping with Grope, and 200 by sleeping with other customers.Grope, edit, grope is the owner of the Darkwood Bordello before the Hero comes to the secluded, safe area.You can see this key just as you enter the cavern, but you'll need to swim out into the water to reach.Silver Key ( Bowerstone Industrial, 2/4) In a large factory by the coast with open doors, head to the upper level via stairs by the door to find a Silver Key blocked off by steam.Once Grope has been usurped the Hero gains the Rights to the Bordello and can decide to keep it as a Bordello/Whore House where the women will both please the public and Hero (at no cost Note, this is an evil act and will gain.Head up the stairs and cross the platform to find this key, which technically counts as a Mistpeak Valley key.To get this information, the Hero must get Grope drunk by continuously giving him beer until he imparts the information in a cutscene OR fully clothe yourself in a dress and wear the redhead wig hat and he will be sexually attracted to you and.Silver Key ( Shifting Sands, 1/5) Entering from the City of Aurora, head towards the massive stone arch linking escort independent hamburg the stone area to the dune area.Silver Key ( Bowerstone Industrial, 4/4) Near the docks is a large military warehouse you can enter across the canal from the factory with Silver Key.So your job is to go and gather an army to fight him and take over the throne!Areas Items of Interest Edit Redhead Wig can be found upstairs.

The, darkwood Bordello is a location in, fable: The Lost Chapters and, fable Anniversary.Pull the switch and several Hollow Men will appear.Beverly Hills Bordello - 1996 Love Lessons 3-3 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R.Silver Key ( Mistpeak Valley The Hole, 5/6) At the end of The Hole you'll fight off some Hobbes in an Arena.This gives the Hero 400 light points and respect from the Women of the Refuge.Simply the game is you are "Hero" and you find out that you have these magical powers passed down from your father who was The king, your brother is the king now but he is an almighty tyrant and he needs to be stopped.It is found in an area of Darkwood that was previously closed off in the original Fable.The original Bordello owner,.Silver Key ( Millfields, 1/7) As you enter Millfields from Bowerstone Market, you'll have to run down the path a bit before you come to Bower Lake.Her accent, hair colour, and skin suggest she is possibly from Aurora.
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On the side of the building over the Monorail entrance is a small wood box with this key inside.
Silver Key ( Bowerstone Market, 1/3) On the end of the bridge opposite the clock tower, take the stairs down to the shop stalls below the bridge.
On the right wall of the building in front of you hangs the next.